Beauty hack with Red Lipstick

Hey Queens tired of having wary  baggy eyes?….
Tired of being ask “Hey are you sleepy did you have enough rest”


Lol :mrgreen::mrgreen: Well Maybe am being  too dramatic…..or am I.. Well most of you are use to this


There is a way to hide them just by using one little product to do one little trick….. Tested and confirmed by yours  truly.


  Yes girls just buy following these few little steps u can make your under eye bags and dark under eye  circles disappear.

1. Wash face with just water and pat dry.
2. Take a small amount of red Lipstick on the tip of your fingers.
3.apply at the bottom of the bags or dark circles  to hide the shadow cast by them.
4. Make sure to smooth out the lipstick properly then apply your Concealer over it and done…
Quick and easy.

If any of you tried this you can hit me up in the comment box and lemme know how it worked for you,also don’t forget to like and share with your friends and family…  follow me on twitter @ Queenbee. 🙋:mrgreen:


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